Thursday, 12 April 2018

Earphones!⚓ By Sana

     Earphones are very long and thin and a lot of people use them to listen to music or recordings. There are two black wires and on the end,  there are two black earplugs that you put in your ear. The two black wires are connected to each other to form one and on the end is a plug that you can connect to any device for listening to music or audio files. The quality of the headphones depends on the brand.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

What A Wonderful Night! By Annabelle

on family fun night, you could hear the sausages sizzling and the children laughing while the water splashed as the energetic children slid down the slippery wet slide as fast as a flash.

As you waited in line, you can feel the grass brushing on your feet as the wind blows while you are watching the sun slowly disapearing into the West.

Turtles Are Magnificient Creatures! By Louie

The turtle is a majestic creature that lives in the the underwater kingdom. Turtles are an endangered species and the most endangered turtle species in the world is the Kemp's Ridley, also known as the Lepidochely's kempii. Turtles look like a sandwich with no filling that walks on four small legs and has a big head. Its shell protects the top and the bottom of the body and it can be up to 20 centimetres thick. Turtles are mostly found in the Pacific like Fiji, Samoa or in the aquariums. Turtles are green and they can have dark or light shells.

Hollywood! By Josh

Hollywood is a great place to go because it is full of fun and excitement for a lovely holiday. Hollywood smells like chips and candy and it has an enormous sign that stands out on top of the city. There are so many movie stars and famous people. Most movies are filmed there because they have high quality video cameras and equipment.      

The beach! By Mia

The playful aqua coloured waves splashed against the golden sand. You can smell a fresh salty scent floating in the breeze. Unfound treasure buried beyond the deep blue waters. Beautiful shells are left on the hot sea shore. Amazing sea animals swim joyfully around, even unknown creatures are happy on a long summer day. Peculiar underwater lives are born almost every second. The beach is also a great place to get a shimmering even tan.

It is also the perfect place to go surfing.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Family Fun Night! By Emily

The slide was long, soapy and slippery. You get a big shock as you zoom down the slide. There were a lot of noisy, loud children running around. There were delicious food stalls; ice-cream, drinks, hot dogs and there was also a sushi truck. You could see peaceful adults sitting on the mats on the grass and children screaming because they were covered in soap. Family Fun Night was held at school in front of the classrooms on the school field.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Who am I? By Max

             I   have a green body, a white chin and gazing sharp teeth.                                                                  I'm from a video game.                                                       The first letter in my name is y.                   
                           I'm from a video game.                          
       I am a male, and I am a really nice dragon because don't  bite.                To play my game you need a Nintendo switch.     
      I was made in Japan. My game was produced for the Nintendo       6 console.          
              I was released in Japan in December 1997.            
                                       Who am I?                                        

Earphones!⚓ By Sana

            Earphones are very long and thin and a lot of people use them to listen to music or recordings. There are two black wires and...