Sunday, 11 March 2018

Who am I? By Bryan

I wear a black and white shirt which has a yellow Lego head logo on it. I also wear black pants and this is the costume that I wear every single day along with my helmet.

My brain tells me that I have the most creative face ever, because I always wear silver sunglasses with an angry mouth on one side of my face and I have a smiley face that is drawn on with a pen on the other side.

I take my hand cuffs and my iphone with me everywhere I go.

Lastly I star in the Lego Movie!


  1. Bad slash Good Cop from the Lego Movie.

    Matt C

  2. Is it bad cop and good cop from the Lego movie?

    By Josh M and Max H

  3. The Bad Cop.
    Maxim P

  4. Is it Bad Cop?

    Louie H


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