Monday, 19 March 2018

Can You Guess The Event? By Sana

Most children are shivering and sneezing through the night. It's an event that is the most celebrated in the world and 195 countries in the world celebrate this event.

     People celebrate this event because it was the day that Jesus was born. Mostly christians have celebrated it since the beginning of time. The main colours that are used during the celebration are red, gold, green and white. People give gifts to each other to celebrate the event.

     Some people stay at home in the Northern Hemisphere near the hot burning fireplace to stay warm while enjoying some hot cocoa. They may also go outside with a scarf, gloves and a puffy jacket. Some have snowball fights and make things out of snow as decoration. They hang ornaments on a tree and call it the "Yule Tree" and put a star on the top!

What event is this?

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